FounderAriel Castro

When we started

Ariel Castro was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1978. At the age of 7 he began practicing the sport of karting, where he quickly began winning various races and championships. He won 4 times the Argentinean Regional Championships, as well as, 3 Argentinean National Championships, among other races and tournaments in his native country. This put Ariel under the eye of several driver scouts from different countries, giving him the opportunity to begin his career as a professional driver in the United States. Ariel arrived to the United States, where he was able to win 5 Rotax Regional Championships, and in 2005 he became the Florida Winter Tour Rotax Senior Champion.

Apart from his racing career, Ariel possesses over 17 years of experience blueprinting, rebuilding, and tuning various types of engines like kart and motorcycle engines. He began working on kart engines independently about 3 years ago, when he founded A.M Engines. Due to the success, in major races, from a couple of drivers with A.M Engines powered-engines, local Florida drivers quickly realize the quality and superiority of the engines tuned and rebuilded by Ariel. This put A.M Engines under the radar of several major Kart teams, launching the company into the National market, and not too long after into the international Market, as the company currently receives engines from other countries to be tuned by Ariel and returned back to them.

AM EnginesEngineering Services

With 17 Years of experience, A.M Engines strives to maintain the dedication and responsibility that have set us apart from other kart motorists in the nation.

A.M Engines uses the latest equipment and techniques in order to provide our customers with the most reliable and fastest engines in the industry. That is why so many of our customers have been able to obtain great results at the most important Kart tournaments and events in the Nation, allowing us to expand to the international market.

New Engines for sale.
A.M engines currently has several brand new engines for sale, we only sale engines that are capable of winning races. After the engines arrive, they go through a meticulous inspection process. They are plugged into the dyno in order to verify that they are working to their full potential or what we call "Race-Ready". The engines that are not ready to compete, are sent to our tuning department where they fix any glitches the engines may have. After that the engines are re-packed and ready to be sold.
Engine Rent.
Most drivers have their own engines, and they use them to stay in shape, and keep their driving instincts at peek; therefore, there is a big chance that the engine is not running at 100% of its potential, unless the driver has a reliable mechanic who is constantly checking the condition of the engine. If the engine is not giving 100% of its capacity, it reduces the driver’s chances of winning races. So A.M Engines came up with its Engine Rent program, for those drivers who do not want to buy or tune their engines. We rent you a race ready engine at a fraction of the cost of a new engine, so you can participate in a race, and increase your chances of winning. Beware, this program has become very popular, and although we have many engines up for rent, we do run out of engines when big events come up, so make sure you call and make your engine reservation at least a month prior to the event.
Engine tune up
So you know your Kart engine works but you are aware that is not race-ready, and you do not want to rent an engine every time you have attend a Karting event. That is fine, A.M Engines is here to help you with that. With state of the art equipment, technology and the most advance engine tuning techniques, A.M Engines will tune up your engine so that you are able to use it in many races, increasing your odds of getting to the top of the precious podium. Due to the volume of engines we get every day, you need to call in advance to schedule your engine drop off so that we return your engine in time for your race.
Engine Rebuild
Experience drivers are aware of this so they know is part of the sport, but for those drivers who are new to the sport we want to expose the down side of it: ENGINES BREAK DOWN! Due to the performance level of these engines, it is a matter of time before your engine breaks down. And once again A.M Engines is here to provide you with top-notch engine rebuilding. With over 17 years of experience, and just like all the other services we provide, we are internationally known for our engine rebuild program. We get constantly get broke down engines from within the United States and outside of the country; we rebuild the engines and send them back to their owners as if nothing ever happened. In fact, we often get calls from our clients telling us how much they've improved after we rebuilt their engines.