AM EnginesRacing Team Services

Since 2009 A.M Engines has served many national and international drivers from all continents in the world.

A.M engines is a team built and known for its honesty and responsibility. Ariel Castro and his wife Mayri Castro show day after day the dedication they have put in their company by providing an optimal and impeccable service, and proof of this is the number of drivers A.M Engines has put on top of the podium. Our objective is to make every driver that chooses A.M engines racing team, to feel comfortable and worries-free so that they can improve and strengthens their driving skills.

Track side Assitance.
For practice days, we go to the track with the driver in order to provide him/her with all the technical support needed to improve in any track, from chassis set up, engine adjustments, and coaching.
Race support
We provide race support as well. Each driver gets his/her own mechanic that will help him throughout the event in order to make chassis and engine modifications, that will help the driver improve while he is on the track.

Storage and Maintenance
Many drivers do not have access to the space require for the proper storage of their Karts, and many of them do not have the knowledge or time to dedicate in order to keep their karts in optimal condition. Here at A.M Engines we provide these services so that when your kart arrives to the track is in race condition and no time is wasted by providing the kart with the maintenance it requires.

A.M RacingKart Available

AM Racing Kart is now available for the following classes:

AM Racing Kart Mini Max (7 - 12 years old)

AM Racing Kart Junior (13 - 16 years old)

AM Racing Kart Masters (16 years old and up)

AM Racing Kart DD2

For more informationand pricing on the AM Racing Kart, please do not hesitate to Contact us and we will provide you with all the information you need

AM Racing Kart

New AM Racing Karts available.

For the past several month AM Engines has been working in the development of the new AM Racing Kart along with internatonally recognize manufacturer "Casa Italia". This new chassis has been tested by very experienced kart driver who have confirmed that this chassis chassis will, sooner than later, go to the top of the podium.

Ariel Castro, who had the opportunity to drive the AM Racing Kart at the 2012 USA Grand Nationals said:

"I drove the AM Racing Kart in the 2012 USA Grand Nationals, and I can confidently say that it is a confortable and drivable Chassis, I was leading the race for quite some time, and due to a flat tire I was not able to win the race. The AM Racing Kart definetly has a lot of potential"